Why My Nose Piercing Still Not Healed After A Year?

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Nose piercings hold great traditional value in many cultures. Over time people started adopting the tradition as a fashion choice. Whether for cultural purposes or fashion statements many people get their nose pierced and sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as they expect them to be.

Piercings at different parts of the body heal at a different pace. Some piercings heal in weeks while some may take years, moreover, healing time varies from person to person. That’s why knowing your body well is key here. Piercings of the nose normally heal in about 4 to 6 months but it can take more than that.

Here is all the important information regarding nose piercings which can prove helpful in understanding the healing process and also finding out why your piercing is still painful after a year.

Site of piercing:

Nose piercings are done at different sites and depending on the site healing time also varies like piercing of nostrils heal completely in 4 to 6 months, piercing of septum may take 3 to 4 months, rhino piercing takes 6 to 9 months, nasallang piercing takes 4 to 6 months or more depending on the quality of aftercare.

Stages of healing:

The healing process completes in 3 stages known as inflammatory stage, the proliferative stage, maturation stage. Any disturbance during any of these stages can lengthen the healing time or it can lead to permanent damage to the piercing site depending on the nature of trauma.

Loose jewelry:

During the healing process or even after the healing if the stud or the ring continuously gets stuck into clothes it can damage the piercing site leading to elongated healing time.


If the aftercare procedure is not being followed properly after getting a piercing, this can lead to infection hence improper healing and pain until the infection gets cleared.

Tissue damage:

This can happen during piercing if any nerve gets damaged during the process or after piercing any damage occurs to the surrounding tissue or nerve this can cause pain even after the apparent healing of the piercing.


The piercing site can get infected due to poor hygiene. If hands aren’t washed properly while cleaning the wound this can infect the piercing site. If this happens piercing should be cleaned with saline solution.


Artificial jewelry can cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin which can cause rashes and itching on the skin. If this happens the jewelry item should be replaced with gold, stainless steel, or titanium jewelry. To avoid this situation these metals should be used after getting pierced.


Sometimes during the healing process if the wound is irritated continuously it can lead to keloid formation that can cause permanent scarring. This can cause pain even after a year of getting piercing. To deal with this situation doctor’s suggestion should be taken.

Nose picking:

If after getting a piercing you are picking your nose then you are not allowing the wound to heal. This can infect the wound or can also lengthen the healing process. This can cause pain even after a year of getting piercing.


When can I replace jewelry for my nose piercing?

There is no fixed allotted time slot for jewelry replacement. Wait for 6 months at least and inspect the piercing yourself. If you feel no pain and are comfortable removing the initial piece of jewelry then replace it.

What can I use to clean my nose piercing?

Saline rinse or sea salt soak is best to clean piercings. Use cotton balls, thick paper towels, or cotton cloth to clean the piercing.

How often should I clean my piercing site?

You should clean it 2-3 times a day.

Can I swim with a fresh piercing?

You should avoid swimming in lakes, pools, or the ocean so the wound doesn’t get infected.

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