When Can I Change My Cartilage Piercing To A Hoop?

By Team

Cartilage piercing has become a fashion statement nowadays. Due to anatomical reasons, it is also known as helix piercing. It is an easy way to change the look in a classic yet dainty way. No doubt these piercings look good but at the same time they take much longer to heal and are painful than normal ear lobe piercing.

If you already had a cartilage piercing and wish to replace the initial stud that was placed at the time of piercing with a hoop no need to worry here is everything that might be helpful for you to make the smart and fashionable decision about your piercing.

Gun vs needle piercing:

Piercings that are done by the gun take longer to heal as compared to the piercing done by the needles. Proper care is mandatory in both cases but you have to wait much longer for healing if pierced by a gun.

Healing time:

Cartilage piercing usually takes longer to heal than lobe piercing. It can take from 4 months to a year for full healing due to low blood circulation. Everyone’s body is different and it can heal at a different pace. So you should monitor the piercing properly.

Proper care:

You might want to clean the piercing properly as recommended by your piercer. Cartilage has a low blood supply that’s why it can get infected easily. To avoid infections you should avoid excessive touching of the wound.

Infection vs soreness:

You have to check the piercing for infections. If it has pus or any unusual swelling after 4 weeks then you should talk to your piercer. The skin gets healed faster due to good blood supply and you should not mistake the skin healing with cartilage healing.

Switching to hoop:

You should wait at least six months before Switching the stud with the hoop. Studs have a thick, long post as compared to the hoop so that the piercing hole can heal in that shape and have enough space for easy replacement of jewelry. You should wait until you feel comfortable replacing the stud with the hoop.

Signs of healed piercing:

You have to look for the color of the piercing, swelling, tenderness, any fluid drainage or accumulation, and pain. If everything is normal and you can move the stud easily you can switch to the hoop.

Choice of metal:

Choice of metal plays an important role in the healing process. If you are allergic to any metal avoid it at all costs. You know your body if anything is irritating to the slightest avoid using it around the wound.


What happens if I change my piercing too early?

It may take longer to heal and it can cause infection. Your piercing can also get closed after the removal of the initial piece of jewelry.

What size hoop should I get for my helix piercing?

The commonly recommended size is 5/6″(8mm).

Why does my cartilage piercing hurt after a year?

Healing time varies from person to person. It can take two years to heal completely.

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