What Rings Look Best On Short And Fat Fingers?

By Team

Let’s face it, folks, we have all been through times where we had the perfect outfit and good makeup day but couldn’t find the right accessories to put together the brilliant look we had in mind when we started getting ready.

Every person has a unique body structure and not every piece of jewelry can complement each body shape. Rings play the most crucial part in this regard well-groomed hands bring up the personality of a person. The most important thing about rings is the wedding ring that should be the most beautiful thing you ever put on your fingers.

But finding the right ring for your fingers can prove quite challenging. If you have small and chubby fingers you need to find rings that can create the illusion of elongated fingers and smaller hands.

No need to worry my friends here I’ll give you tips and tricks to buy the perfect ring that will compliment your short and chubby hands.

Stone shape:

The stone choice for your ring can play a major role in the appearance of your hands. Not every stone is the match made in heaven for every finger shape. If you have short and chubby hands and fingers then choose the rings with oval, pear-shaped, marquise stones because the reflection of these stones in lights gives the illusion of longer fingers and if you manage to make your fingers appear longer then your hands will automatically look longer.

Band size:

What amount of skin you are showing on your finger can also affect the appearance of your fingers. Get a ring with a thicker band that can cover the larger part of your finger skin. The thinner band will make the fingers more chubby. One more thing to keep in mind is the band shape which should be rounded rather than with sharp edges because the round-edged band can make the ring more blended.

Big knuckles:

If your knuckles are big and that can make your hands look more short. In that case, a ring with bold designs is a good choice. That kind of ring will do a good job bringing attention to the blingy piece of jewelry rather than big knuckles hence making the fingers appear elongated. Keep in mind the band of the ring should be thicker.


Jewelry alone can not hide the imperfections of your hands. The grooming of the hands in the nails department also plays a vital role. You don’t want to keep your fingernails short if you want to appear your finger long. Keep your fingernails longer and choose the shape of your nails wisely. The more ideal choice would be almond, oval, and pointed. That can help you make your fingers longer.

Wide fingers:

If your problem is the width of fingers then choose the rings with wider settings. A thick band and oval, marquise, pear-shaped stones will help to catch attention to the ring and help make your fingers slimmer. The more skin you can hide under the ring the better are chances to make your fingers appear slimmer.

Double-halo settings:

The blingy the ring the better it is. A good halo setting with beautiful center stone is the perfect choice to hide your little imperfections. The bling of the center stone and the surrounding little stones create the illusion of slimmer fingers. This type of setting suits perfect for short and chubby fingers, and wide and chubby fingers.

Pattern band:

The style of the band also matters. Rings with hammered, brushed, or stamped patterns with the thick band are the way to go for all those people who want to make their fingers appear elongated and thin. The should be captivating enough so it doesn’t look like a tiny item on your finger.


Do I need to keep in mind the metal while choosing a ring for chubby hands?

The only metal to avoid while choosing a ring is the metal you are allergic to.

Can I wear a meteorite ring if I have fat fingers?

Yes, you can as long as you are keeping the band wider and if the ring has stones these are in the above-recommended shape.

Does green gold tarnish?

Yes, over time green gold gets tarnished and it may require regular maintenance.

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