What Does A Nose Ring Mean To A Woman?

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Nose piercing on women is being practiced for a very long time in many cultures. It holds a different meaning in different religions and cultures. From being a fashion statement and holding a strong meaning nose piercing has emerged as a new norm nowadays.

This does not hold positive meanings in all cultures in some regions piercing any part of the body is considered a sin and a sign of rebellion. Above all the positive and negative aspects of getting a nose piercing it has one common meaning everywhere which is empowerment.

Regardless of religion and culture the common symbol of nose piercing was feeling empowered and grooming their looks in a simple yet elegant way possible. Based on the area you live in nose piercing will provide a different meaning.

I will tell you everything about nose piercing and its purpose and meaning around the world.


In the subcontinent, a nose ring represents the marital status of a woman. Females who are about to get married get their nose pierced for elevating their look and to tell the rest of society about their relationship status. This tradition has been in practice there for centuries. Nowadays unmarried girls get their noses pierced as a fashion choice.

Symbol of wealth:

In South Africa, piercing holds a different meaning. There nose piercing and jewelry are chosen for that piercing show the person’s wealth. The bigger and more glorious the nose ring the richer the person is considered. That doesn’t relate to the nose piercing alone but ears piercings also. The wealth is represented by the size of the jewels and the amount of the jewelry.

Sign of rebellion:

In the United States, the piercings were seen as a sign of rebellion against conservative societal norms. Regardless of age and gender that act of rebellion was chosen to show the society about their thoughts about the conservative traditions and wanting to get the freedom they desire. As now the time has changed people have changed the piercings are becoming more common and acceptable by society.

Side of piercing:

As time has changed and now we live in a more free and modernized world the meaning of the nose ring has also changed. In western cultures, nose piercings are used as representative of people’s sexuality. If a female gets the right side of her nose pierced people will assume she’s bisexual or lesbian. If a male gets the left side of his pierced people to assume him as gay or bisexual.


The side of the piercing is also assumed to represent the personality of a person. The left nostril piercing shows how feminine a person is and how much the person supports female empowerment. While on the other hand right nostril piercing represents masculinity and strength.

Representation of success:

In some tribal cultures in South America and southeast America, the septum piercing shows the successful journey of a warrior who has come home as a winner from a dangerous journey or wilderness. That certain badge of honor is not gender restricted.

Piercing a sinful act:

In Christianity getting piercing or tattoos on any part of the body is considered a sinful act as it has been prohibited in Leviticus. The argumentative statements in the bible are used to stop people from getting piercings and tattoos on any part of the body.

Fashion choice:

In this modern world where people are free to make choices for themselves piercing has become a new norm. Now both men and women pierce their noses for elevating their looks and making them feel empowered and comfortable.

Nose ring and fertility:

In the middle east specifically in India, it is believed that left nostril piercing helps females’ fertility and childbirth. In Ayurveda, it is believed that the left nostril is connected to a female’s reproductive organs hence it can help in easing out the menstrual cramps and labor pain during delivery.


Can I use my earing as a nose ring?

You should not use earing as a nose ring as the ear piercing is made on flesh and nose piercing is done on cartilage with different sized needles. So the original piercing hole is also of a different size.

On what side does a straight girl get her nose pierced?

It should be on the left side.

Does wearing a hoop on the nose means different than wearing a stud?

Piercing itself shows the meaning not the piece of jewelry while talking about the basic meaning of a nose piercing.

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