Tattoo Scarring – Causes & Cure

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Tattoos are beautiful works of art that have the added benefit of being visible on your skin. However, if you or your tattoo artist do not approach this “work of art” with caution, it might result in some less-than-pleasant outcomes.

Tattoo scarring is one of the most common side effects of poor tattoo maintenance. Scarring and healing can be difficult to distinguish at first because they both leave your skin agitated for a long period. If your skin is still revealing a pink shade even though your tattoo is past the mending time frame, your tattoo may be scarred.

Managing tattoo scars can be frightening, especially if you have no idea how you got off track in the first place. As a result, to make things a little more bearable, we have decided to provide you with a tool that will help you refocus by keeping your tattoo strong. 

What is tattoo scarring?

Tattoo scarring is a disorder in which your inked skin develops scars after healing. When your tattoo has scarred, the skin around and around it will be red and irritated. The lines running through your tattoo, as well as a few hidden areas, may appear larger or puffy, and you may notice some stains. In any case, if your ink isn’t enlarged enough, it may appear depressed.

Causes of tattoo scarring:

There are a few things you or your tattoo artist can do to cause tattoo scarring:


You may acquire scarring if your tattoo artist went too deep into your epidermis or overworked your tattoo. When a deeper layer of your skin is damaged, it prevents your skin from healing normally and, all things being equal, it heals as a scar.

Peeling at a scab:

Scarring from a tattoo can also occur as a result of poor aftercare. Scabbing after a tattoo is common, but stripping at this worn-out skin regularly can result in substantial scarring. Similarly, be wary of unintentionally scratching your skin, as this can lead to skin loss.


If you neglect to sterilize this sensitive area, your tattoo will be vulnerable to scarring. Tattoo scarring is one of the most well-known side effects of bacterial contamination.

How to cure tattoo scarring?

Fortunately, tattoo scarring isn’t the end of the world; there are several options available to cure or prevent this problem:


While a cream will not eliminate the scar, it will help to lessen the redness and enhance the appearance. Using saturating products for tattoo recovery, in particular, lowers the risk of scar tissue formation.

Retouching a tattoo:

If the shading issue in your tattoo is particularly noticeable, you may choose to have it removed. However, if you have completely elevated tissue around and on your tattoo, this may not be the best option for you.

What does tattoo scarring appear to be like?

While tattoo scarring has a variety of appearances, you should be a few well-known distinctions to understand the difference between scarring and mending.

Skin that is both raised and sunken:

The presence of elevated or indented skin is a well-known reaction to tattoo scarring. This will occur in the area of the skin with the most damaged tissue.

Inflammation and redness: 

If your tattoo remains red after it has been repaired and seems bigger, the culprit is almost probably tattoo scarring.

Shading distortion: 

Finally, shading twisting causes the tattoo’s shade to become blurred or concealed.


Is it true that tattoo scarring fades away?

There’s not much you can do after a tattoo heals and a scar develops. With time, the scar will fade. You can also try some of the natural remedies listed below, but there is little evidence that they will eliminate it.

Is my tattoo healing or is it scarring?

 Because it is an injury, your tattoo will scab over, but a well-recovered tattoo should not scar. Raised skin, bloated skin, redness that doesn’t dissipate, distorted colors inside the tattoo, and pitted skin are all signs of scarring.

Is it possible for you to remove tattoo scarring?

Although tattooing over newly formed scars is generally discouraged, a good artist can revisit the skin to color the scarring to more likely cover it inside the tattoo if the scar is already fully developed and settled down.

How can I tell whether a tattoo has scars?

When your tattoo has scarred, the skin around and around it will be red and irritated. The lines running through your tattoo, as well as a few hidden areas, may appear larger or puffy, and you may notice some stains. In any event, if your ink is not enlarged, it may appear indented.

Do scabs cause tattoos to fade?

Scabs should not be picked at or scraped off because this might cause permanent harm to the tattoo.

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