Tattoo Cracking – Prevent Your Tattoo from Cracking & Drying?

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In a similar vein, you may have gotten a tattoo and noticed that it is beginning to break. Tattoo cracking is a fairly common occurrence after receiving a new tattoo.

It usually happens when the skin becomes overly dry during the healing process, but it is usually not a cause for concern. Cracking can occur for a variety of causes, but it isn’t necessarily a cause for concern.

When it comes to the healing of a new tattoo, as with other situations, if something goes wrong, there are usually a slew of negative effects.

Causes of tattoo cracking:

Tattoo cracking can be caused by a variety of factors. Before we go any further, it is worth noting that the tattoo itself is not cracking. The skin framing your tattoo is continually scabbing and separating, which is very normal. As the skin around a tattoo heals, you may notice scabbing, raised skin, swelling, tingling, and, of course, breaking.

  • Presence of scabs while healing:

When it comes to healing, the presence of scabs is a big no. The existence and size of scabs are a major cause of cracking. Some people do not scab as much as others, and a lot of people have a mild form of scabbing. Others, on the other hand, scab considerably more badly. While this is not a life-threatening situation, it does increase your chances of cracking. Scabs are prone to breaking as they grow elevated and dry.

  • Dry skin:

Another important reason for tattoo breaking is that your skin is extremely dry. Your tattoo artist will require you to maintain your skin moist during the healing process. The importance of well-saturated skin in maintaining a well-mended and fantastic-looking tattoo cannot be overstated. Scabs can also thicken and burst due to dry skin.

  • Infection:

Tattoos may crack due to pollution in unusual and extreme circumstances. Inadequate washing and disinfection shortly after a tattoo might allow germs and other microorganisms to enter the significant injury caused by the previous tattoo. A broken tattoo combined with tingling, discharge, the foul odor could indicate an illness that requires medical attention right away.

How to prevent tattoo cracking?

  • Keep your skin hydrated:

Keeping yourself hydrated and your tattoo well-saturated is the easiest and most effective way to prevent your tattoo from breaking. Drink plenty of water and be sure to apply a light tattoo lotion or tattoo salve to the region two to three times after your new tattoo has healed. In addition, tattoos that have been properly saturated will usually heal faster.

  • Avoid hot water and extreme temperatures:

Avoid using hot or warm water since it can cause your skin to become drier by removing oils from the outer layer of your skin. To help you rehydrate your skin, some tattoo artists may recommend using a protective oil like coconut oil. In any event, it isn’t suggested that you undertake this without the guidance and advice of a tattoo artist.

  • Apply tattoo cream on clean, dry skin:

Before applying any lotions or moisturizers to the area, make sure it’s clean and dry. To avoid moisture, only a thin coating of cream should be applied around the tattoo. Using too much moisturizer or cream can cause the healing process to take longer.


Do old tattoo crack?

Because tattoo cracking is a normal part of the healing process, there’s no reason why an old tattoo should exhibit any signs of wear. By no means is the breaking that occurs at the location of your tattoo. The layer of skin restored over your tattoo scabbing as a result of the repairing system.

Do tattoos crack during healing?

The point at which your tattoo is healing is the most likely period for it to break. Because tattooing affects the top layer of the skin, it frequently scabs and cracks as it heals. Larger tattoos are more prone to cracking since they cover a larger area and require more effort to keep moist.

Will tattoo cracking cause a tattoo to be messed up?

During the healing process, extremely dry skin is the most common cause of tattoo cracking. A tattoo that dries out too much might result in thick scabs that are difficult to rip open in a variety of places. Scabs that are broken can lead to infection, blurring, and scarring.

Do you think it is a good idea for me to let my tattoo dry out?

As long as you follow any remaining aftercare instructions carefully, tattoo dry healing is an acceptable part of the tattoo aftercare standard.

Is it a good idea if I moisten my tattoo while it is being cracked?

You may speed up the healing of your tattoo by using a moisturizer that contains nutrients and minerals to aid the healing process.

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