How Long Should I Keep My Tattoo Wrapped?

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Whether you’re getting inked interestingly at our studio or have been inked often previously, it’s consistently really smart to hopefully look out for some way to improve on aftercare methods. There are many moves toward take with regards to new tattoo care, and there are things you ought to abstain from doing during the mending system for your new tattoo to pleasantly recuperate.

In particular and maybe the most squeezing matter is the gamble of contamination. You need to stay away from contamination no matter what. You can bring down your gamble altogether by taking legitimate consideration of the area of inked skin, keeping it clean, and washing with gentle cleanser and water.

You really must don’t single out from the aftercare directions, make certain to adhere to the rules as intently as could be expected. Counting yet not restricted to keeping the stick film set up and trying to substitute it frequently for the main two or three days of the tattoo recuperating process. On the off chance that you follow every one of the means recorded beneath, you’re certain to emerge with a perfectly mended tattoo!

You’ll have to keep your tattoo enveloped by stick film from one to three days. Contingent upon the size of your craftsmanship this might be longer, and your craftsman will tell you however an overall principle of thumb is:

  • Small line-work pieces – keep the cling film on for one to two days.
  • Palm-size pieces –  keep the cling film on for two to three days.
  • Larger artwork – the tattoo artist will direct you on how long to keep your cling film in place on bigger tattoos.

You should change the cling film, clean the tattoo and replace it with fresh cling film at least three times throughout the day and before going to bed.

You can use any standard cling film found at your local supermarket. It’s just important that it’s new and clean. For some tattoo areas, you may prefer to use micropore tape to help keep the cling film in place, and you can find this at any local pharmacy.

You might see that under the cling film, there’s a build-up of plasma and ink (thick excess liquid), but don’t worry. This is completely normal, and it’s a sign that your tattoo is starting to heal. It will also mean that it’s time to change the cling film. To do this simply;

  • Take off the existing cling wrap.
  • Wash the area following the cleaning steps above.
  • Put new cling film over the tattoo and use micropore tape to keep it secure if needed.

In the event that you notice a little careless seem encompassing the tattoo, it’s generally from the grip film however go ahead and contact the studio to guarantee that everything is as it ought to be.

Top tip: Heading on vacation or some place warm? We encourage you to book occasions once the recuperating is finished, as tattoo aftercare is much more significant in hotter environments. Should this be inescapable, you ought to attempt to keep the tattoo out of direct daylight and change the grip movie all the more regularly to permit your skin to relax.

At the point when you are prepared to eliminate the grip film totally (as suggested by your craftsman and when your tattoo has dried out), you should begin applying cream to the area.

The cream works in more than one way, eventually assisting your tattoo with remaining fresher for longer.

  • It speeds up the healing process by keeping infections at bay.
  • It keeps the tattoo moisturized meaning it’ll stay healthier (and shinier too).
  • It will help soothe inflamed skin and prevent itchiness and irritation.

Top tip: When applying cream, don’t smother it, we recommend a pea-sized amount of cream, just a light layer to cover the surface area.


Can you go overboard and take “too” much care of a new tattoo?

Yes, yes, you can. Excessive washing or even overdoing it on the cream can cause more harm than good. While we applaud your efforts to keep your tattoo clean, it’s important not to overdo the aftercare.

Should I cover my tattoo with cling film when I sleep?

You should wrap your tattoo in cling film, even while sleeping for the first couple of nights. This helps keep the germs out and helps with keeping fabric off of the tattoo to reduce rubbing/chafing.

Can I go swimming with my new tattoo?

During the healing process, it’s important that you do not submerge your tattoo in water for any length of time as this can increase the risk of infection due to bacteria in the water and ink dropping out from the tattoo.

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